Inspired by Celtic spirit ~ Made in Nova Scotia.
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RCMP Tartan

Tartan Santa - RCMP



The legend of Santa Claus is derived from the European figure of St. Nicholas. Throughout the world he became the folk hero all children dream about on Christmas Eve.

We offer a traditional Santa decked out in tartan and carrying a woodland garland and a bagpiper Santa proudly wearing a traditional tartan kilt and playing the pipes!

Our RCMP tartan was designed by Violet Holmes of British Columbia for the 125th anniversary of the founding of the RCMP.  The tartan was worn for the first time by a band of RCMP pipers and drummers at the Nova Scotia International Tattoo in July and August 1998.

NAVY: is the colour of the traditional breeches worn by regular members, and of the saddlecloth used by the Musical Ride
REDfrom the world-renowned red serge tunic
YELLOW: represents the cavalry stripes on the breeches of the ceremonial uniform
BROWNfrom the bison at the centrepiece of the badge; also symbolizes Canada's western plains and the heartland of the RCMP
GREEN: epitomizes the maple leaf, a distinctly Canadian symbol
WHITE: is reminiscent of the lanyard of the ceremonial uniform, it also evokes the link between the Force and Canada's First Nation Peoples for whom white has special spiritual significance
SKY BLUE: elicits both the background of the badge as well as the beret worn by members when acting as United Nations peacekeepers

 100% wool tartan woven by Lochcarron of Scotland, the world's leading manufacturer of tartan since 1892.

Handcrafted in Nova Scotia by Heather knight




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